Team management

Team management

Employers looking for employees may sometime find it difficult to find the right candidates having the most suitable skill set required for the job. This is because of the shift in the skills required now for doing jobs of the employers than what they were a decade earlier.HR managers are constantly looking for way to increase the performance of their company through better management of human resources. They try to optimize the performance of their company by increasing productivity and reducing cost. HR managing apps and softwares store and collect data having employees’ related information, their needs and expectations and use it to know the current scenario of their organizations workplace and work on improvement in the working environment. So the trends are now changing and 2018 on wards would be a lot more different than what it has been earlier for HRs to keep an eye on these trends to follow them up quickly for better performance. Here are 4 trends every HR should watch out for:

1) The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in recruitment processes will become common. It would reduce the cost and labor required on part of humans, increase performance and reduce time. Digitalization of the process would become common and HRs would have to adapt them to it. The use of AI tools will influence the way HRs around the world do the recruitment of the candidates.

2) Another thing that would change is the feedback and review culture of the workplace. HRs nowadays are more concerned and cautious about the feedback and satisfaction of the workforce involved in the organization. Real time feedback rather than annual performance evaluation will become more common. It helps to gauge the performance more effectively and work on improving any irregularities and focus more on constructive feedbacks.

3) Team management tools have been quite popular now for hassle free recording of data of employees and their performance in the organization. A lot of tools and software are now available and popular amongst the HRs for managing their workforce more effectively and in an organized way.

4) The culture of praise and awards to keep the employees motivated is going to help HRs, to become better managers of their workforce. Every employee likes to be appreciated for his or her performance in the organization. HRs taking care of this particular thing are more likely to be able to retain talent in their organization.

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