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Money is Only a Tool, But You Are the Driver

We often think that having more money is going to solve all our problems when in reality YOU are who is going to solve all your problems. Yes, having money helps, but it is not the be-all, end-all. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace...


Most Common Financial Mistakes Made by Millennials

Millennials are considered to be irresponsible and deemed so by boomers. Millennials might have different ways of doing things but that does not make them irresponsible. Yes, they make mistakes but it is just like any other generation who went through a learning curve. Making mistakes is a huge part of the learning process. Here...


Ways to Minimize Your Debt!

Knowing how to manage your finances is one of the most important skills you will need to have. One of the key aspects of it is figuring out how to live debt-free and minimize the debt you already have. Here are some of the ways to minimize your debt. 1. Handling Your Mortgages Most people...

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5 Important Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Are you afraid of paying too much interest on your student loans? Student loans are one of the biggest debt traps you could fall into. Particularly if you are uninformed about the whole process and, as a result, make easily-avoidable rookie mistakes. According to a report by LendingTree, the era of taking student loans without...

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5 Things to know before Adding a Spouse to a Deed

So your spouse moved into your home and you want to add her to the deed? A lot of people impulsively decide to add their spouse to the deed. So, if something unexpected happens, she can claim the house or your assets. This is a great idea if you really trust your spouse and have...


What is the Capital Asset Pricing Model?

The Capital Asset Pricing Model or CAMP can be defined as a financial model that can be used in order to determine the theoretically relevant required rate of return from an asset so that decisions can be made regarding the addition of assets to a well-diversified portfolio. Thus, the main aim of CAPM is to...


How to Determine the Salary Scale of your Employees?

In any kind of firm that may exist, one of the top concerns for any employer is the salary that they will be getting. Now it is very essential for the owner of the business or the one who facilitates the salary to be able to determine the compensation that an employer should be getting....

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What is Marketing ROI?

The ROI stands for Return on Investment. It is basically the measurement of the profit which is earned from the various investments made. This way the efficiency of the investment can be found out. One can also use the value of the ROI to compare among a number of different investments on the basis of...

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What is Annuity and What are its Benefits?

An annuity is defined as a contract that is made between two different parties one being the purchaser and the other being the insurance company which is designed with its objective of the retirement purposes.  These contracts are signed up for long terms between the two groups. Here either the purchaser makes a single contribution...

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