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The True Cost of Buying Your First Home

By Jurgen / a few months ago

Most people dream of owning their own home, and it does offer a lot of benefits. You get some tax write-offs, you can earn yourself some equity, and you have a place that you can call your own. However, what most people fail to realize is the actual cost that comes with buying a home. […]


From Flexibility to Cost: The Benefits of not buying a House Explained

By Jurgen / last year

Buying a property might very well be the ultimate benchmark by which prosperity and financial security is measured. Or is it? Although property ownership is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make, you may be better off renting. If you are wondering why, then take a look at these reasons. You Save […]


Here’s How to Attract Affluent Millennial Renters to Your Property

By Disha / last year

Most millennial or people born between roughly 1980 and 2000 (depending on whom you ask), have come of age and are potential renters. Landlords interested in attracting the more affluent amongst this group are in luck, as it’s been widely demonstrated that they aren’t as inclined towards ownership as their forebears. This trend is manifested […]


5 Money Saving Tips for Buying Your First Home

By Jurgen / a couple of years ago

Do you wish to buy your first house but feel unsure about how to start the process? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. The state of our economy is such that most first home buyers are having a hard time getting started. Real estate prices are notoriously high and the average income can’t match […]


5 Tips to Save Money when Investing in a Property

By Jurgen / a couple of years ago

When most people think of saving money they think of taking precautions while spending on necessities like food, clothing and luxuries like expensive cars. However, investing in properties is one of the smartest ways to save up for financial security. Property investment is a great way to develop your monetary future but it’s not a […]


Is There Still Time to Sell Your Home Before Christmas?

By Disha / a couple of years ago

While the Christmas period is renowned for consumer spending, this is mainly committed to food, drink and gifts. Few individuals look to purchase a home during this time of year, primarily due to the cost of moving house and all associated legal expenses. When you consider that the commercial aspect of the festive period costs […]


What to Know Before Renting Out Your Property

By Disha / a couple of years ago

If you’re getting ready to rent out your property, there are essential steps you must take to ensure your assets are protected. Follow these guidelines to ensure the best rental process for you and for your future tenants. Understand the Responsibility If you’re looking to rent out your own property, you have to understand the […]


How to Get Started in Property Investment in the UK

By Disha / a couple of years ago

Research shows that over two million people in the UK have now made investments in residential property. What makes it attractive is the ongoing and regular income rentals property investment can provide, along with the prospect of being able to sell for a lump sum at some stage in the future. This is especially true […]


4 Tips for Hosting a Successful Open House

By Disha / 3 years ago

It can be a huge hassle to try to get a house sold, but with some careful planning and coordinating, you can make an old house look great for potential buyers. Follow these tips to make sure your open house is the best that it can possibly be. Make Sure the House Looks Great There’s […]

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