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How to Pick a Travel Insurance Policy

By Jurgen / last week

International travel is a lot different than traveling within your own country. There are a lot more hassles involved. You could end up in deep trouble if you fail to address a few important factors suggested by travel insurance experts. This post will help you pick the right travel insurance policy for your next trip […]


7 Genius Ways to Travel the World when you’re Broke

By Jurgen / a couple of weeks ago

Thinking about traveling the world? But have no money in your bank account? Don’t worry. You can still travel the world and have an awesome trip even when you are currently broke. Here are 7 genius ways to travel the world when you’re broke 1. Try island hopping Island hopping is a newer way of […]


Road Tripping with Your Friends

By Jurgen / 6 months ago

Road trips are a beloved pastime for people of all genders and ages. There’s a sense of freedom to be enjoyed by packing up a few provisions in your car and hitting the open road with your besties. Before you set out on your whirlwind adventure, there are some details that you should figure out […]


Where Can You Exchange Pounds to Australian Dollars for Travel?

By Jurgen / 9 months ago

When you’re heading off around the world, foreign currency simplifies your spending abroad. If you’ve got an upcoming trip to Australia on your planner, you should start thinking about getting Australian dollars as soon as possible. Check the current AUD exchange rate and plan when and where you’re going to make your exchange. You have a lot […]


Must try Adventure Sports to do Before you Die

By Jurgen / 9 months ago

It is said that if you haven’t felt the rush from adrenaline at least once in your lifetime, you haven’t really done things worth doing. Adventure sports are one of the foremost things that makes the lives of an individual happening and seem interesting. Most people have already done paragliding and parasailing, but what about […]


8 Adventure Sports You HAVE to Try Before You Die

By Jurgen / last year

Do you want to take a little break of your busy work schedule, you may want to try something other than lying around on your bed watching FRIENDS all day. Think a little outside the box and go out for an adventure to add energy to your veins. Here is a list of adventure sports […]


5 Ways to Prepare For an Accident

By Jurgen / a couple of years ago

There’s no way to predict whether you’ll be involved in an accident when you’re on the road. Life happens in a moment, and you wouldn’t get into your car if you knew in advance you were going to be involved in an accident. Despite not knowing, however, there are steps you can take to prepare […]


4 Ways to Save Money on a Vacation

By Jurgen / 3 years ago

Sometimes we just need a break from the tightly packed routines of our lives and go somewhere, near or far, and just do what we like to do for a little while. Your idea of vacationing might involve just lounging poolside while sipping refreshing drinks through a bendy straw. Or maybe you’re more into hiking, […]


Pamper Yourself While On Vacation

By Disha / 3 years ago

Vacations are a great way for people to escape the stress and chaos from their everyday lives and spend time in a new city relaxing and enjoying the many sights and activities. While some people choose to visit a city that is busy and not too much different from their hometown, others like to go […]


Simple Steps to Travel Cheaply

By Disha / 4 years ago

Let’s face it, many people are hurting for cash these days. However, that has not stopped people from traveling. There are many determined people out there who refuse to let their bad economic situation prevent them from traveling when they want to. In order to accomplish this, they use a number of techniques to save […]

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