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Thinking about traveling the world? But have no money in your bank account? Don’t worry. You can still travel the world and have an awesome trip even when you are currently broke.

Here are 7 genius ways to travel the world when you’re broke

1. Try island hopping

island hopping

Island hopping is a newer way of travel that many backpackers are trying out in Europe and Asia. You can a lot of money or even can travel for free with Island Hopping. Instead of buying a direct plane ticket to your desired destination, try to cross the ocean by a series of shorter journeys.

2. Travel light

Carrying only the essentials is a must when you want to travel the world when you’re broke. Pack all your clothes, camera equipment, and other essential items in a single backpack. This will allow you to maneuver freely from city to city.

3. Go on a walking tour

Walking tour

Every city has free walking tours organized by locals. Travelers like to connect with other fellow travelers by showing them all the interesting parts of their city. Attending at least one walking tour in each city you visit will definitely help you travel the world with no or very less money in your pocket.

4. Try house sitting

House sitting or pet sitting is one of the best ways to save money and travel the world when you’re broke. House sitters take care of someone’s house and their pets while the owners are away. This way the house stays safe and well maintained as cleaning and looking after the valuables in the house are some of the duties of a house sitter. Try websites like MindMyHouse to find a house-sitting gig.

5. Work remotely

Work remotely

With the advent of new technology, remote jobs are becoming more and more mainstream nowadays. Industries like tech, digital marketing and also medical sciences have begun to notice the benefits of hiring remote workers. A remote job will allow you are to earn money and travel at the same time.

6. Crowdfund your trip

What better way to travel the world when you’re broke by asking other people to pay for your expenses? Websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe provide a platform for people like you to show how passionate you are about travel and ask them to chip in a few bucks to support you. Don’t forget to mention a good reason why you want to travel. You’ll be surprised how much much money you can generate just within a few days.

7. Work at a hostel

Hostel life

Working at a hostel is another way to pay for your travel expenses while you are abroad. Some hostels allow hostilities to stay and work there at the same time. You might get free accommodation or some compensation for your work.


Whatever your reason for traveling the world is, make sure to make the most of your trip. As this might be the only opportunity you have got. The concept of traveling with no money is not a scam. People like Edouard Jacqmin have done it quite successfully.

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