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How to Save Money on Vacations

How to Save Money on Vacations


When we make our vacation plans, most of us end up spending much more than what we had originally thought of. We tend to concentrate only on the bigger costs, ignoring the little things which actually add on to our expenditure, and thus making our stays expensive. The key to a good trip is to me smart with money– so that you don’t find yourself running out of money on the road. Keep the following things in mind, and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything out of your perfectly planned trip to save money!

  • Avoid visiting the place during its most popular time of the year. You don’t have to go to Hawaii in July or Manali during the summer. Just because a particular tourist spot is very popular or hot during the holiday season, does not mean it becomes exceptionally interesting- in fact in reality the place would be very costly, and overly crowed at that particular time of the year. On the other hand, if you travel during the slow periods, you may discover unusually fascinating aspects of the place, especially when you don’t have high rates pushing you down or people stamping upon you.
  • If your boss refuses to grant you a leave during any other time of the year, leaving you with the usual holidays, you should look for coupons- coupons on hotels, travel fares, and even on local restaurants. Keep digging out deals and try making reservations which can be cancelled with a full refund on a last moment notice.
  • You should always research the destination before you go there. This will make it easier for you to explore the lesser none places. You can also chat with the locals, asking them which restaurant sells cheaper, but good food, or which places are actually worth going and the ones which are overhyped. This way you are saving time and well as unnecessary travelling costs.
  • Prefer using the public transportation- avoid cabs or private taxis. Use the buses, subways or metros instead. If the destination is just a 1hour flight, you can rather drive to the place- this way you are avoiding the airport hassle, and also is much cheaper.
  • If you are visiting a popular hotspot, you can consider booking a hotel in a smaller town nearby; these hotels would be cheaper. So instead of spending all your money on renting a overpriced hotel room at the core of at the popular city, you can consider staying in a town next door.
  • Flying in and out of the same airport is always cheaper; in fact even the car rentals are cheaper this way. Also try to book your air tickets in advance, and look for exclusive discount offers, and ALWAYS travel light. You are going for a vacation, don’t pack like you’re going to settle in there forever.


Don’t spend more than you need, use these simple tips and tricks to spend more time on actual travelling, than on planning.

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