cave diver

cave diver

It is said that if you haven’t felt the rush from adrenaline at least once in your lifetime, you haven’t really done things worth doing. Adventure sports are one of the foremost things that makes the lives of an individual happening and seem interesting. Most people have already done paragliding and parasailing, but what about other different more dangerous adventure sports? What about those sports which make your jaws clench even by a slight reference of them? We have come up with a list of some of the most dangerous and adventure worthy clothes that everyone should have an experience of once in his or her lifetime. These larger than life sports are:-

1. Free Solo Climbing

Yes, this sport is about climbing and no you’re not harnessed. Free Solo Climbing is one of the most difficult and dangerous sports with everyone knowing its nature. This sport pushes you to your boundaries and brings you up close with nature as you aren’t harnesses and your grip is all that you’ve got. So just rub that magnesium powder on your palms, ensure that your hands aren’t sweaty and start that climb to the summit.

2. Base Jumping

Also known to be one of the most dangerous life-threatening sports in the world, numerous lives are lost to Base Jumping each year. Base Jumping involves choosing a cliff higher than the skies themselves, climbing them and then jumping down them with a parachute while you feel like you are flying. One of every 60 participants die doing this sport, yes you are given parachute but mother nature doesn’t always spare you and the conditions in which you do the sport.

3. Running of Bulls

Majorly played in Spain, this sport invites adrenalin rush like not many sports can. Dressed in white with a red waistband to attract some mad angry bulls that you need to run in front off and dodge, this is just like an ancient death penalty for a crime. Popular across Spain and Europe, there is a special saying related to the sport, life gives you second chance but the bull doesn’t.

4. Cave Diving

For all the adrenalin junkies, cave diving is a must do sport. Underwater diving through the caves in the unknown depths of the dark deep blue ocean doesn’t even seem good coming from the mouth, how hard and chilling would it feel doing it. As a matter of fact, many people dive while enthusiastic about this sport and not many returns as enthusiastic as they went if they return at all that is. One of the most dangerous sports, discretion s advised even before having an attempt at this one.

5. The Cage of Death

If you are an animal lover, just wait to get inside the cage of death and let an angry Australian saltwater crocodile charge at you in full force while you are in a cage. Dive into the Darwinian Crocousaurus caves and come face to face with your fears in the form of big hungry saltwater crocodiles.

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