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Tiny travel accessories can be a lifesaver to keep within your reach. I thought I should talk more about them here, especially about the electronics and safety gear. So, here are five tiny travel tools that you can either carry with you or have on your keychain that will make your life easier.

1. Flashlight

Flashlights might seem unimportant now since every phone has one, but they can still come in handy at night. If your phone battery dies or your phone is in your back, you can still rely on your flashlight.

travel tool

Mini flashlights on keychains are one of the oldest hacks. They take up next to no space and are handy at all times. Unlock the door on a poorly lit maxpro pharma porch, enter the bathroom in an unfamiliar place, or navigate a poorly lit alleyway, your keychain flashlight is a savior!

2. Multi-Use Tool or Survival Kit

Multi-use tools, aka survival kits, have everything from a knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, to a scissor, tweezer, nail file. Yes, you cannot fly with them, so be mindful of that. 

When you reach your destination, though, you can buy one and attach it to your keychain or keep it in the quick access pocket of your bag. They fold up to be very small but are very versatile and will make sure that you are ready at all times.

3. Pen

With everything going digital, the habit of carrying a pen has been lost for many. But when traveling, you will realize that you still need a pen – from custom lines in airports, rail-pass trains, to signing hotel books.

Having a small keychain pen will save you from having to wait for ten other people to finish writing the one pen tied to the window at places. You will also be able to jot down anything anywhere instead of fishing for your phone and navigating to open notes on your phone.

4. Key-Shaped USB Drive

I talked about having your Pendrive on your keychain in the aforementioned article. This hack is handy when on business trips. You can have easy access to your confirmation documents, scans, presentations, etc. But, the issue here is that your USB drive may contain sensitive information, and having it out in the open can be risky business.

To add being discrete to the task, you can get a flash drive shaped like a key. It will blend in with your keys, and nobody will be the wiser. Make sure that it is waterproof and scratch-resistant because it will still be out in the open with your other keys.

5. Speaker

When traveling in groups and deciding to have a party in your hotel room, a speaker is a great addition. You cannot carry your full-size speaker with all the other things that you have to carry.

So, a tiny speaker on your keychain can save the day. These speakers can be plugged into your smartphone and turn any moment into a party.

Final Thoughts

Having the full experience of anything relies on how smartly you place. Travel packing is a lot about how well you can research into making the packing easier. Tiny products are a godsend in many cases. A lot of companies make travel-friendly products. These are often the mini versions of whatever makes your life easier at home. Put in some research to make your travel life easier.

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