Success goals

Success goals

We are what we repeatedly do; we are the result of our habits. As Aristotle right said, “Success is not an action, but a habit.” Here is a list of some mental habits that will drive you towards the road of ultimate success. Read along:

(1) The very first thing to do is to have a mental picture of your goal. Visualize your goal. Only when you can see, can you actually achieve it. You have to envision your ambitions as if they are happening in real time. You can actually set aside some time in the morning, right after you wake up, or at night, before you go to sleep, when you can put on some comfortable clothes, calm, soothing music, and meditate your way into your dreams. This practice makes you more confident for the actual day.

(2) While visualizing is a very important habit you need to immediately employ, there is something else too – write down each of your goals, in present tense, with whatever result associated with them, as if they have already happened. When you writing, and rewriting it, everyday, you are focusing on these goals, with more and more clarity each time.

(3) It is important you are 15 minutes early to everything. Punctuality gives you a last minute confidence. There is no tardy entrepreneur who has ever made it big. Punctuality alone is the key to a successful business. When you are late, it just comes across as a very rude attitude, blatantly saying out “My time is more important than yours, so I don’t care.” And you can’t necessarily do business if you are late. Employ this practice of arriving 15 minutes early for every task – gym class, dinner, college, anything and everything. This way you have enough time to settle into the environment, collect your thoughts and be prepared.

(4) It is no surprise that everybody in this world yearns to hear a YES, but NOs are heartbreaking and disappointing. What really matters is how you manage to handle rejections. How you handle the pressure of those rejections, and handling the NO is a crucial process that will help you embrace the YES. Don’t avoid the NO, go for the NO. Have a target each day, of how NOs you’ll face today. Because once you have the habit of hearing a NO, you will no longer have the fear of rejection.

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