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Understanding the Initial Coin Offering in Blockchain

By Dimple / last month

With the blockchain buzz reaching a frenzied pitch, investors are scrambling their chips around various options to invest in cryptocurrency. With all this initial craziness, it’s hard to focus on what’s real enough to warrant an investment.  As far as start-ups are concerned, they have a whole new avenue to garner that highly elusive initial […]


5 Inspirations For Building Your Own Business

By Dimple / a couple of months ago

Sometimes, you have to take a cue from your personal needs and then build a business around it. Having more than one source of income is not only a necessity but also a smart move. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for ways to minimize your debt or looking to make some extra cash. […]


5 Best Health Insurance Companies of 2019

By Amey / a couple of months ago

Choosing a health insurance plan is never an easy task. First, you have to find out the reliable companies in your geographical location, study all the plans they have to offer, then finally select one that fulfills your health needs. Once you purchase the right plan, then begin the phase where you pay monthly/quarterly/yearly payment […]


Be a Better Van Business Entrepreneur: Tips to Keep You Up and Running

By Jurgen / a few months ago

The transportation business is one of the most lucrative trades there is. There are several types of transportation services to choose from. While some may require high capital such as air transport, others such as a moving van business require much less capital. This low entry barrier means you are likely to compete with a […]


3 Reasons to Shop at Costco

By Amey / a few months ago

As of March 2019, there are 770 Costco stores worldwide. Out of 770, 631 stores are located in the United States and Canada itself. It is growing at a rapid rate and soon will be able to compete against other megastores like Walmart and Target. For a frugal person, there are plenty of reasons to […]


What To Do If Your Employer Doesn’t Offer a 401k Plan

By Jurgen / 7 months ago

“82 percent of millennial workers(age 21 to 34) are making contributions to the 401k plan” [1] Despite the popular belief, the new generation is very much interested and are active participants of the 401k plan. The 401k retirement plan is still one of the safest ways to save for the old age. It’s a powerful […]


5 Factors that Influence Business Environment

By Jurgen / 10 months ago

For any business to be successful, it is necessary that the business is able to carry out an effective interaction with its environment. This is because the business environment has quite an impact on its direct relationship with the various other organizations.  Also, the extent to which a business will success depends quite a lot […]


What are some Current Examples of Oligopolies?

By Jurgen / last year

The word oligopoly has been derived from the greek words “Oligi” meaning few and “polein” meaning sell. Oligopoly is essentially a kind of business where there are only a limited number of firms that control a particular market or provide a particular service. This type of businesses lies between monopolistic competition and monopoly and is […]


Data Protection: How To Avoid In-House Sabotage

By Jurgen / last year

In this new age of technology, more boundaries are being pushed all around the world. Unfortunately, this goes both ways as more people are looking for vulnerabilities in technologically systems and are using it to their own advantages. Security systems set in place by organisations to protect their information can be taken apart by people […]

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