The transportation business is one of the most lucrative trades there is. There are several types of transportation services to choose from. While some may require high capital such as air transport, others such as a moving van business require much less capital. This low entry barrier means you are likely to compete with a lot of people. To have a competitive advantage, here are some important considerations.


Carve Out Your Niche

Many businesses tend to be generic in terms of who they serve, and that is why most of them struggle for years and eventually close. As a van business entrepreneur, you need to fill a particular niche that nobody else does. The first thing you need to do is define what kind of customers you want. Trying to sell to everyone will cost you money and time. Are you targeting low-income customers such as students or high-earner costumers such as executives? What kind of van services are you offering? Look into the services your competition is already into and see if you can find a niche to fill. Profitable van services to consider include waste disposal, catering, fast delivery, cleaning services, and haulage.

Acquire Start-up Resources

To get your business started, you will need to get the basic resources which are at least one van and one employee. Other resources will depend on your level of financing. To remain completive, you need to find ways to finance your business. However, not every resource requires money. The internet contains thousands of free business solutions, some of which are suited perfectly for van businesses. Feel free to explore as much as needed.

Get Your Licenses in Order

As with many businesses, each region has its required licenses. Check with your local corporate affairs to find what licenses you need for your van business. The last thing you need is to get shut down after you have already started operations. You may already be running a successful business without the proper permits knowingly or otherwise, but eventually, the law will catch up with you. Getting shutdown will harm your reputation as a business and as an entrepreneur. Consult with a professional to go over your paperwork and ensure that you have all the necessary permits.


Much like obtaining a permit and license, it is very important to have a business insurance cover. Van insurance varies with each business which may discourage many people from getting a cover. While it may seem difficult to understand the costs, it is possible to learn how to save money on van insurance.

Van insurance protects your business from vandalism, theft, accidents, and any other unforeseen events. Consult a professional to learn all about it.

Turn Your Van into a Moving Billboard

The easiest way to advertise your business is by turning your van into a moving billboard. Use van decals to promote specific products or services and special offers.


To be a better van entrepreneur, you need to start the right way. Ensure you have all the proper permits, acquire the basic resources needed, obtain an affordable van insurance policy, and use your van to promote the business.

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