As of March 2019, there are 770 Costco stores worldwide. Out of 770, 631 stores are located in the United States and Canada itself. It is growing at a rapid rate and soon will be able to compete against other megastores like Walmart and Target. For a frugal person, there are plenty of reasons to shop at Costco. However, to make dramatic savings, you need to become a “gold star” member of Costco which costs just $60 per year.


Is a Costco membership worth it? Will it help me make some remarkable cash savings this year?

There are two types of memberships Costco has to offer. One, “gold star” membership that I already mentioned earlier. Next, “executive membership” which will cost you $120 as of July 2019. It all depends on how much you spend each year. The “executive members” get 2 percent cash back on every purchase they make. So, if you spend a decent sum on your shopping, you better opt for “executive membership”.

Gold membership is cheaper but does not have as many benefits. It is good for people looking to save some cash on their purchases.  Most of the “gold star” members are RV owners and private vehicle owners who need to fill up their gas tank on a regular basis. You are guaranteed to save a few cents each time you swipe your membership card at a Costco gas station.

3 Reasons to shop at Costco.

1. 100% satisfaction or your money back

Costo promises to return you membership fees back if you are not satisfied with their service. Unlike other megastores, they have a no questions asked policy. They won’t bother you with minute details and will refund your membership fees within a few minutes. Just walk up to the membership desk at your nearest Costco and talk to the representative over there. Customer-first policy is a good reason to shop at Costco.

2. No-hassle returns policy

Their generous return policy is another reason people love to shop at Costco. They will take any product back without asking any questions. Moreover, you don’t even need a receipt for it. Just walk in the store with the product and your membership card and you get your money back.

3. Great for meat lovers

Along with their other products, Costco’s meat quality is also amazing. They have everything from chicken, ground beef, fish and steak.  Besides, they have both USDA Prime and USDA Choice cuts in their stock. USDA Prime is high-quality meat known for its texture, tenderness, and juiciness.  USDA Choice comes second to the Prime beef and is also consumed in large scale.

Why do most people fail to take advantage of Costco?

Most shoppers fail to the advantage of Costo by not upgrading their membership to an executive-level even after spending a truckload of money. Costco claims that for every $6000 spent, you will get a cashback of $120 at the end of the year. In short, you are getting your membership for free.

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