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4 Tips to Motivate your Employees to do Better Work

4 Tips to Motivate your Employees to do Better Work


If your business seems to be less productive than you anticipated it to be, it’s time to re-evaluate the nature of the work place. Low productivity in businesses is often found to be the result of having workers who are not happy. Unsatisfied workers can bring many problems to their business. This problem must be approached logically and carefully. To increase at work, you should motivate your employees in any way you can.

  • Create a friendly work environment. Always make sure that you encourage healthy and friendly relationships among your workers. Set a trend by being a good example yourself. Greet your employees politely when you seen them in the morning and be cordial with them whenever possible. If your employees are happy with you and you can create a stress-free environment where they can feel comfortable, you are guaranteed to get better work from them. Friendly, happy employees are productive employees.
  • Communicate with your employees. Stay in direct contact with all of your workers. Taking the help of middlemen to deal with your employees will create a rift between you and them, which you definitely want to avoid doing. Be clear and open your decisions, plans and how they should be carried out. Every employee has their bit to contribute towards the progress of your business and you should let them know that their contribution is of utmost importance.
  • Give them rewards for doing better work. Incentives are great for building morale. A reward system will go a long way in fostering a healthy sense of competition among all your employees. Be as creative as you want. Incentives don’t even have to be monetary; it can something simple like a day off from work, singling out the best employee every week, little rewards for good work like movie tickets or free lunch and things like that. A good reward system will make your employees want to strive to stand out from the group and try harder to do better work in a shorter span of time.
  • Spruce up the place and add colors to it. Decorating the work place can actually prove to be very useful for increasing productivity as it lightens up the mood. Flowers have been known to be very good for this purpose as the brightness and the pretty colors help reduce work-related stress and anxiety which in turns help people perform better. Well decorated office interiors makes the employees feel significant and fueled as well.

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