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While social media can play a major role in brand recognition and product promotion, you may not be able to control certain situations when a customer makes a negative comment or shares a negative review of any product or service rendered by your business. The challenge will increase as the number of bad reviews increase. In these kinds of situations, it is important for companies to have a rescue plan in place and decide a course of action to tackle the bad press. Here are three tips to effectively deal with the negative feedback on social media:

  • Be a Good Listener: You must remember, in order to cater to all needs of the customers, it is important for you to lend a patient ear. Taking note of others’ expectations and making appropriate adjustments accordingly, corrects the negative impression you left previously. Listening solves a lot of problems. Make sure you don’t delay in reaching out to them. Also, apologize and pacify publicly. It is important to make any sort of amends when it comes to disgruntled customers, even if you have to break a few rules.


  • Take the conversations offline: You can’t always go on a comment war with your customers, so depending on the problem take the whole conversation offline, instead of leaving a comment on their review. In fact, an offline conversation shows more commitment, since you are addressing individual concerns and queries. And a bad review doesn’t always mean your product is not good, it just means that it doesn’t match the expectations of that particular customer. So, a few negative reviews won’t cause much harm a hundred good ones.


  • Respond to the Feedback: Customer feedback helps you to understand what people expect from you. It lets you make the necessary changes in your social media strategy to fit you customers. When you reply to your customers it makes them feel important and they feel that their opinions affect your business.

You may feel proud when a customer leaves the door buying your product, but the real deal is when he comes again, and when he recommends other people to do business with you. Keep engaging with your customers, because brand image is what people think of your company.

When it comes to business, the customer is the ultimate god and you’ve got to do everything to please him!

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