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The Concept of Social Media Marketing

The Concept of Social Media Marketing

With Internet being accessed in the remotest of the places across the globe, with more than a billion people using Facebook and a 100 million using Instagram, the world is growing, digitally. Gone are those days when marketing was all about big posters and fancy TV ads. These days rand exposure is more on the social media. The goal of Social Media Marketing is to create content that can be viewed and shared by the users with their social media network, to broaden their customer base.

There are three most important reasons as to why your company should be involved in social media- consumer influence, brand recognition, and free advertising and marketing.

One of the most important aspects of Social Media Marketing is Social Media Optimization, which involves unique users to a website. Social Media Optimization can be done in two ways: either by adding sharing buttons to a post or by promoting an activity on the social media through regular tweets or statuses. Social Media Marketing also has the advantage of directly interacting with the consumers. Unlike with the inefficient email response, on the social media the customers feel they are being heard. The company and its customers seem to develop a more personal relationship.

Social Media Marketing isn’t just having a Twitter or Facebook account, but there is a method to utilize social media effectively. Timely and relevant content is an absolute must for any the intended audience and social platform. The content has to be well tailored, and brought out in such a way that it doesn’t offend anyone or isn’t misleading. Make the content more informative rather than promotional. Remember, people will follow you only when they find your content interesting and relevant, so if you choose to promote rather than educate your followers, you may lose subscribers. Apart from the content, you also have to be well informed about your competitors and the industry specific trends. You must have a thorough understanding of your business related goals, and even analyze social media reports on a monthly basis to identify new opportunities. Social media is about utilizing all the tools available to influence the users to stay connected to you.

Twitter gives you 140 characters to build a brand. Facebook gives you the ‘like’ button. Google+ gives you a search engine ranking. YouTube gives you views. Instagram gives you followers. Each social networking platform offer different advantages when marketing. Chose you budget and priorities, and go viral!

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