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The Art of Productivity

The Art of Productivity



Productivity is the result of five basic mantras- focus, plan, strategy, time and work. Master the art of productivity with the following five basics:
(1) Focus: It is often difficult to distance yourself from gadgets, which ironically contributors to productivity. How many times have you thought, but your actions haven’t been mastered by your thoughts? The mind resists discipline- you will be tempted to quit, postpone the task or feel too lazy. Master your mind or let it overpower you, controlling you instead.
(2) Careful Planning: While thinking about their career, most young individuals figure out their ultimate goals with a very unrealistic approach- say CEO of their company or the President of their country. What is important to realize is that the world is way too random for such a rigid planning. Instead, a step-by-step approach to career planning increases the number of options in the near option. You should accomplish your life goals swiftly, the journey between the idea and the end result, is where you learn your lessons, and you grow.
(3) Time: Productivity isn’t measured by the number of hours you spend at the office. Too often, we limit ourselves to doing menial tasks, instead of concentrating on areas which need actual thought. We wrap ourselves with urgent deadlines and important meetings. The problem is we spend most time working in the business, instead of working on the business. To run a successful business, you should be able to play your strengths to the best of the interests of your company.
(4) Management: The most important reason to have your plan on paper or on your laptop is maintain a clear track of your wants. To have a clear vision of the future, you need to analyze each of goals. Clarify your activities. Professionalism is to have a proper assessment of your business’s core values and the results that you commit to achieve. What do you want? Why do you want it? What are you going to do to achieve it?
(5) Hard work: We’ll all hear the expression- ‘Smart work is more important than hard work’. To be honest, there is no replacement for the willingness to do work. There are no short cuts to excellence. Hard work is hard work, there’s no getting around it. Work hard and work smart, while doing what you love and your business will withstand the test of time. You will get results, better than you what you expected. Shortcuts may lead you to instant results, but the chances of maintain those results aren’t usually very likely. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and if you aren’t putting in your maximum efforts within those 24 hours, it is too bad; because there are people who actually are.

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