How can you go wrong while Facebooking or Snapchatting, right? Everyone knows how to use these, proficiently too. Going by these standards, social media marketing shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If you were thinking that then you wouldn’t be here. You know that being on Facebook is not the same as marketing on Facebook. It is not a piece of cakewalk, social media marketing. It requires a proper plan, effort and dedication. Do not be in the illusion that you cannot make mistakes on such a platform. Here’s a list of all possible mistakes that you might make while marketing on social media platforms and how to avoid them.

  • Not having a plan

Diving into social media marketing without a plan could be the biggest mistake that you can make. It is absolutely essential to have a strategy to do your marketing on social media platforms.

  • Being everywhere

The famous phrase, “Jack of all trades master of none”, doesn’t work here. Here you need to focus your energy on few specific sites to achieve maximum coverage of your target audience. Instead of making accounts on all possible social media platforms, filter those out on which your target audience spends most of their time. There is no point in making multiple profiles having less content. Content does all the magic. Having multiple accounts will only reduce the amount of content that you can put up on those sites. To avoid distribution of your content among unwanted channels, stick to few and load them with delicious content for your viewers to savor on!

  • Irrelevant and uninteresting content

Just putting up tons of content won’t do the magic if it doesn’t interest the viewers. You need to know the exact likes and dislikes of your target audience so that you put up articles designed accordingly. Pasting every trending hashtag will bore the readers. Authenticity is required.

  • Not having a dedicated team for social media marketing

Maintaining your own profile and handling the whole social media marketing of a business are two things that lie on the opposite spectrum. It is one thing to keep your profiles up to date. But when it comes to social media marketing, handling all the accounts of the company on various platforms is a full day job. If you are thinking of doing it all alone then throw away this idea out of the window this moment. Overloading yourself with all the work to ensure good output is sheer stupidity because you won’t be able to give sufficient input everywhere when your attention is so divided and workload so vast. Hire qualified professionals for managing your social media accounts. This is not the place to utilize your cost cutting strategies. If you do good enough marketing then half your worry is over.

  • Not understanding the needs of the audience

Most companies fail to understand the needs of the customers and just keep on building their brand image. Just talking about you won’t serve the purpose of marketing. You need to interest and engage the audience through genuine content. In simpler words, there is no substitute to hard work. Buying followers and copying content won’t take your business far.

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