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No Partnership is Ever 50-50

No Partnership is Ever 50-50

You and your friend decide to set up a business together. To be fair, both of you decide to own 50 percent of the company. That means, each of you would have 50 percent authority over the company assets, each of you equally share all the profits and losses. But do both the parties benefit equally, always? There are always inequities. 50-50 scenario doesn’t necessarily mean that each of them contribute equally to the company capital. Partner A may have supplied most of the capital, whereas Partner B may have provided the company with his/her business expertise instead of personal financial investment. It is not possible for both the partners to agree on all management related decisions. One partner may be too stubborn or greedy to accept the situation, causing conflicts. So is it really wise to get into a 50-50 partnership? Do unto others, but protect yourself. Think long and hard before making decisions. Make a list of the pros and cons that each contract brings. A 50-50 split may work, but you should have proper documents ready just in case it doesn’t.

When you make a contract you must realize that you would to make some sacrifices also. There is never perfect balance between things. If you want to lose weight, you have to cut your intake of favorite foods. If you can’t control your intake of certain foods, then you will have to stop eating them altogether. You might have to get up early in order to go for an early morning run or hit the gym. You have to accept your sacrifices and just do it!

Even relationships and marriages aren’t a 50-50 deal. Couples these days keep a close track of each other’s contribution towards the relationship. Instead of real giving, we often invest, expecting a return, and often feel bad if our expectations aren’t met. It is natural to expect fairness and reciprocity, but what we need to realize is that sometimes we may have to more than what we actually receive in return.

Life is much more than a transaction. You cannot get something you want, without giving up something in return. Sometimes you may have to give up on something, and you may not get exactly what you want in return.

You can’t fulfill your desires without having to forsake anything. You can’t lose weight without having to give up on your junk food. You can’t get rich without working hard. A 50-50 business cannot work without understanding and agreeing on certain things even when you have contrasting views. You can’t make a marriage work without comprising on certain things.

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