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Success is a thirst of Intense Desire to Grow

Success is a thirst of Intense Desire to Grow

Why do you want to be mediocre when you can be unique? Does the salary you get at the end of every month satisfy you? Are you in love with what you do? Or are you doing it just for the sake of it? We are used to running in a race without even knowing why we are running, and thus we don’t give our hundred percent. We are competing with millions of people to fulfill far-fetched dreams which are not even our own, clawing to things which we don’t even desire. We worry about things we don’t even care about.

If you are fat or overweight, your desire would be food and just lying around comfortably. So when would you decide to take your weight loss routine seriously? You would take this seriously only when you really want to get lean, only when it actually bothers you. If and when it does, you will work to make changes. Until you are dissatisfied with your current situation, you would go on with your life, without giving it much concern.

It is easy to become complacent as we get comfortable with our work and life. Simply having a little bit of money is more than you had before, so why continue to keep working? Is money everything you’ve ever wanted? Are you a better person than you were before you took up this job or task? If you are, don’t you want to grow more? Don’t you want to discover what you can actually do? Don’t you want to challenge yourself and utilize your capabilities to the maximum levels? Are you satisfied with yourself at this point? If your answer is yes, then how can you be? Remember how it all started, remember you wanted something, you had a goal, and maybe you did achieve that goal, but do you just want to sit reminiscing your past achievements? Have something to chase after, have a core desire. Because success feels even better when it is what you’ve desired for, with all your heart.

It is the uncertainty and dissatisfaction with life that compels you to try new things. Get rid of menial tasks. You can only love something you place so high above yourself, that it is challenge trying to reach to it. Don’t let your comfort zone drag you down. Be content with what you already have, but don’t stop yourself from wanted something else. Greed and desire are completely different. Wanting more of something you are getting easily is greed, and wanting more of something you would have to paddle upstream is desire. Fall in love with the thrill of solving the mysteries you come across on your adventures along the road not taken.

Don’t just fly, crash into the horizons, bring the whole universe down with you.

Get obsessed, totally obsessed. There is no point just liking what you do. Get obsessed with it.

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