Home Budget Earn a little something this Holiday Season- Become an Online Juror

Earn a little something this Holiday Season- Become an Online Juror

Earn a little something this Holiday Season- Become an Online Juror

Have you ever watched one of those end-high courtroom dramas and wondered if you could become a lawyer or even a part of the Jury maybe? Well, it is 2017 already and the internet is full of opportunities for you to get some extra cash for just giving your opinions (which we are anyway doing almost all the time- throwing opinions and judgments into the air).

Online Jury isn’t some kind of internet scam, but you do actually get paid. When attorneys are preparing for their trials, they may want feedback on their case from people who aren’t connected to the case in any manner and who aren’t attorneys themselves, just like how an actual jury works. Since creating a mock jury by calling out people and assembling them physically can be both tough to manage and also proves to be expensive, companies that offer mock juries provide these lawyers with online jurors for a lesser cost. Lawyers put forward their cases to a group of people who may be similar to the people who comprise the actual jury in court. These people, the online jurors review the case or a part of the case, look through the files, pictures, and other evidences, give their opinions, and answer questions. Each juror is paid about 3$-10$ depending upon the case. The income isn’t steady and the job involves hours of reading. Also, there are only a couple of genuine sites you could login to.

After the job is done, the money would be transferred trough PayPal after you fill in some applications. There aren’t many conditions or restrictions to become a online juror- In USA, all you need to be is a legal adult, a US citizen, not a convicted felon, cannot be a paralegal or a lawyer, and have some basic reading and writing skills.

This holiday season, you may want to try out some cases, and earn a little extra cash at the same time. Not only do you get paid, you also get a chance to have an influence on the trial case and the legal process. So, go on register yourself with one of the Mock Trial websites- eJury, Online Verdict or Trial Juries maybe and you may be chosen to sit for the Mock Panel.

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