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How to Get a Great Headshot Photo

How to Get a Great Headshot Photo

In this climate of social media, may it be for a portfolio shoot, or for the LinkedIn profile picture, a good headshot sets the tone of a good first impression. Below are some tips for achieving the perfect head shot.

  • A lens with a large aperture (that is with a small focalnumber) is a must while choosing a camera for shooting head shots. Avoid using wide-angle lens when photographing head shots.
  • Creating consistent, but soft lighting- In close up shots, the skin is a central feature. It’s crucial to show the skin without Achieve this by using diffused light to gently wrap around the skin, bringing definition along the lines of the face without highlighting blemishes. You can try photo shooting near a window, with a white cloth to diffuse the sunlight rays.
  • Sometimes, in certain directions and under certain light, most of us showcase the reverentially dreaded double chin in some form or another. Never drop the back shoulder in the head shot, this will instantly puff up the chin and jaw-line and giving that added ten pounds look.
  • It’s very important for you to communicate with your subject. Have a conversation first, and then go into the business stuff. If they are nervous and fidgety, talk to them, make them comfortable. Tell them how the shoot is going to go. This will get them excited. If the subject isn’t comfortable, the expressions wouldn’t come out naturally.
  • The type of background is important, and the key is to have a background that will allow your head shot to pop. Plain backgrounds works best, but if the subject is in a crowd or busy area, blur the background as much as you can with the help of a telephoto lens, wide open. The classiest is the plain black and white background, which is simple and doesn’t demand any attention from the main subject.

It is important for both the photographer and the subject (who may be anyone, an actor or a businessman looking for a great cover photo), to get the shot right. A perfect headshot may primarily be the most important marketing tool for both the subject and the photographer. If your headshot is bad, you are bad. You wouldn’t want to be seen as an amateur who can’t even draw a good first impression. The way you click the picture or get is clicked says it all.

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