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6 Ways To Earn A Second Income

6 Ways To Earn A Second Income


If your current role isn’t paying enough, but is otherwise a good or happy position, you don’t need to go racing up the corporate ladder to earn more. Many people supplement their main income with some extra work. There are many ways to approach this, from casual freelance to earning money from your hobbies or passions, but whatever you do, remember that business is business and you will need legal contracts with any clients to protect your work or investments.

1. Going freelance

Whatever your day-to-day role is, the opportunity to go consulting is a growing trend for many. Someone may approach you in your business capacity, asking for some outside help with their projects. Or, a social chat about what you do can see friends asking for your time or advice. Networking at local business events is a great way to start.

2. Having a sideline

Lots of people consider their spare time as wasted time, so set up small businesses to run at weekends or evenings. This can be as varied as a professional-level car boot seller or running a fast food or gourmet produce van at local events.

3. Writing for pleasure and profit

Anyone who finds that writing comes naturally to them may earn money with creative writing. This can be poetry, short stories, articles for magazines or going all guns blazing for your first novel, which you can self-publish on Amazon or other online services.

4. Earn from your hobbies

For those operating at a more leisurely pace, many people can still profit from their hobbies. From jewellery making to painting, people can sell their wares online on sites like Etsy) or at local trade fairs to bring in some extra money.

5. Pets make prizes

If you love animals, you can make money by looking after other people’s pets. From weekend and evening dog walking services, to cat sitting and animal grooming, there’s a growing market for helping neighbours and locals with their furry friends.

6. Money for nothing

If none of these appeal, finding out what the world has to offer is a timeless tradition. Pick up a metal detector and go scouring the country for bits of history, search public land (or private land with the owner’s permission) and find treasure, and old or forgotten artefacts. Beach combers can find all sorts, from dinosaur fossils to valuable Verdigris. If nothing else, you will get some exercise and fresh air. But, take a camera along and you can sell photos of impressive vistas, unseen corners of the country and any curious events you come across.

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