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16 Ways To Save Money On Food

17 Ways To Save Money On FoodFood is expensive. Yes, there are some awesome people out there who manage to spend $100 a month on food for their family of 4 and seem to have fantastic meals. However, that just seems impossible for me!

I do believe that eating healthy on a budget is possible though. You just need to know how to correctly shop for your food.

If you want realistic ways to save money on food, continue reading!

  1. Shop on sale. Different food items go on sale all the time. Usually it’s even on a set schedule, so if you figure out the schedule then you may be able to catch everything when it’s on sale all the time.
  2. Meal plan. Meal planning can save a lot of money. Know exactly what meals that you will make so that you know exactly what you need to buy.
  3. Stock up. If things go on sale and you know that you will need more in the future, then you might as well stock up.
  4. Bring only cash to the grocery store. If you have to stick to the amount of money that you brought, then you will think about each item that you are buying.
  5. Go to your local Farmers’ Market. You can probably save a lot on fruits and vegetables by just going to a Farmers’ Market!
  6. Use coupons. There are all types of coupons out there. Some grocery stores will do a $10 off day where no matter what you buy (usually it only excludes alcohol), your purchase will be $10 off. Or you might have a double coupon store or a coupon for a completely free item.
  7. Freeze your vegetables and fruit. Buy them when they are cheap and freeze them to use later.
  8. Buy food that is in season. It is cheaper and tastes better.
  9. Don’t focus on brands. Generics most of the time taste the exact same! However, keep in mind that on occasion, the brand name items might be on sale and may be cheaper.
  10. Cook from scratch.
  11. Make enough for leftovers for future meals. I always love leftovers. Just reheat and eat.
  12. Bring your lunch to work. This can save you so much money!
  13. Have your own garden. You could grow your own vegetables and save money this way. It’s also fresh!
  14. Don’t shop when you are hungry. You might buy a lot of food that you don’t need.
  15. Make sure to have a list before you go grocery shopping. And stick to this list!
  16. Carry a basket. If you find yourself buying items not on your list, carry a basket instead of getting a grocery cart. This way you will really think about what you are buying because your basket will eventually start to get heavy!


How much do you spend on food each month?


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