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Is having a college degree financially important?

Is having a college degree financially important?

I think that both a college degree and experience can help you land a great job that pays well. Yes, experience is great. A college degree can help you get your foot through the door as well.

Do you think that a degree is financially important?


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  • I think it depends on the degree quite honestly. There are so many degrees handed out right now that some are nearing worthless. If the degree were free, it would be more attractive, but with grads going $50,000+ into debt, it’s getting to be overwhelming…
    On the other hand, a professional degree is obviously very valuable and those entering college should consider medical, tax, engineering, etc.

  • I think this may be more of a correlation rather than a causation meaning the types of people who get their degree are also the types of people who are likely to be successful in the workforce. Sure, an education is helpful, but I don’t know that it’s a direct cause of any career success.

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