Home Real Estate Is There Still Time to Sell Your Home Before Christmas?

Is There Still Time to Sell Your Home Before Christmas?

Is There Still Time to Sell Your Home Before Christmas?


While the Christmas period is renowned for consumer spending, this is mainly committed to food, drink and gifts. Few individuals look to purchase a home during this time of year, primarily due to the cost of moving house and all associated legal expenses. When you consider that the commercial aspect of the festive period costs the average UK household £868 each year, it is easy to understand why any plans to purchase property are usually shelved until the New Year.

How to sell your home this winter

Despite this, there remain a select band of home-owners who desire to sell their home this Christmas. While this may prove challenging, however, it is far from impossible as these tips from industry experts Quick Move Now underline.

Set a fair and Viable Price 

The price that you apply to your home is crucial, as this will ultimately prove to be a deal-breaker during the festive period. No matter how much a potential buyer loves your property, they cannot complete a transaction unless the price is within their carefully defined budget and compatible with the terms of their mortgage. So while it may be tempting to lift your price in line with nationwide growth, those in search of a quick, festive deal should focus on maintaining a fair value that offers an incentive to buyers.

Do not be Afraid to chase the deal

We Brits are renowned for being polite, although this can almost be to our detriment at times. While many home-owners may have commenced proceedings in the build-up to Christmas, for example, some refrain from chasing lawyers and service providers during the festive period in the mistaken belief that they will antagonise others. There is nothing wrong with chasing the completion of a deal this side of Christmas, however, especially when dealing with busy conveyancing and legal teams who may occasionally need reminding about the urgency of your circumstances.

Consider the Merits of a Cash Buying service 

Finally, you may wish to consider the merits of reputable, cash buying firms. These entities will often visit, evaluate and complete the purchase of your property within a seven day period, although the speed and efficiency of this transaction is offset by an offer that is below market value. Whether this is viable or not depends on your circumstances and preferences, as you must balance the convenience of a quick, Christmas sale alongside a slight drop in profitability. The option is there for those who genuinely want to sell before the arrival of Santa, however.

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