Home 1 Is Investing With the Help of a Real Estate Agent helpful?

Is Investing With the Help of a Real Estate Agent helpful?

Is Investing With the Help of a Real Estate Agent helpful?

There are a large number of ways in which one can search for and invest in property. But a lot of people have always been dependent on the assistance of real estate agents to find and invest in properties. There may be a lot of other resources available online and offline as well but a professional to help with the documentation and other purposes. There are a large number of ways in which one can go about it but nothing beats the old fashioned assistance of real estate agent. These agents are not only aware of the legal processes and documentations but also help in finding many properties for purchase to choose from. They could be new projects as well as resale properties. Therefore the need of the real estate agents has not dies down or ever will.


How can one find the best real estate agents?

There are a number of ways in which one can find the best real estate agents. However property portal housing.com has been able to offer the best online services to find real estate agents. The portal has been known to focus on the needs of consumers and therefore has included a segment to help find real estate agents only. Just the way it has been with properties, the portal has also created a system to find verified agents.

Assume you are looking real estate agents in Bangalore. The first step of the search would be to log into the housing.com portal and scroll down to the section where one can find real estate agents. On clicking this option, a search page is revealed which highlights a search bar where the name of the locality is to be entered. Even as the property seeker is entering the name of the locality, the auto fill suggestions show up and one can choose the right one. Clicking on the search button reveals the map of the locality with a number of markers. These markers represent the office locations of the property dealers. When one keeps the mouse pointer still on a marker, the brief details- name, contact details show up. When one clicks on it, the window that comes up shows the agent’s photograph, brief resume and the properties under his/her charge. One can even explore these properties in the same manner as one can while searching for them. A major benefit is that one can find numerous properties listed under the agent’s portfolio. All these features give a keen insight into a number of properties via the same source. It helps in choosing far more easily.

How does housing.com ensure agent validity?

Since there are no structured norms in the real estate sector highlighting how a property agent should be qualified, housing.com does its best by verifying all the details of the agent. Just the way it is with houses, the portal sends its agents to visit all real estate brokers in Bangalore. These agents in turn ensure that the office and all the properties offered by the agent are also verified in the process. This way when one finds an agent in Bangalore, one knows that this agent can be visited because the person’s office would be where it has been depicted and he/she would be in-charge of the properties he/she claims to be in-charge of.

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