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Designing A Safe And Stylish Office



While we might be more inclined to think of construction sites and scaffolding as being the workplaces that are most fraught with danger, there are still potential hazards and dangers lurking in the office. Employees can legally expect their employers to ensure their safety while in the workplace, so it is important to recognise potential hazards, find ways to mitigate or protect against those hazards, and then ensure that all relevant people and visitors receive health and safety training, information, and guidance that they need in order to keep them free from injury and illness.

Everything In Its Place

Falls are the most common office accidents, and one of the most common causes of people falling while in the office are items left on the floor. Typically, employees will only leave boxes, files, and other items on the floor if there is nowhere practical or useful for them to be placed. Always ensure that you offer adequate storage, both temporary and permanent, for all of the people in the office, and then encourage every member of your company to use those items.

Slippery When Wet

Another common cause of falls at work, is slipping on slippery surfaces. Tiled and marble floors can look spectacular, and are especially popular in the entrance to office buildings that are open to the public or receive a lot of visitors. However, when people walk on these floors with wet feet, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but also risking the health and safety of everybody that uses the floor after them. Put carpets down in entranceways so that people can dry their feet, and ensure that you have a regular cleaning routine that does not leave a freshly buffed floor at high traffic times.

Hazard Warnings

The design of some buildings means that there are natural hazards at head height, and even at floor height. Uneven floors, staircases that protrude into the office, and other hazards should have warning signs or hazard signs. If you have a mezzanine floor, or if the floor above a staircase looks out over the stairs, then you can add barriers that prevent visitors from falling that improve the design of the office and also ensure safety.

Health And Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers and blankets, first aid kits, and accident report books are just some of the health and safety equipment that an office needs. Determine the potential risks, attempt to ensure that those risks will not lead to accidents, and provide any equipment necessary to prevent accidents or to treat those that suffer them.

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