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How To Write A Resignation Letter

How To Write A Resignation LetterIf you decide to leave your job (for whatever reason), it is almost always a good idea to write a resignation letter. Whether you are leaving on a good note or bad note, you should try to create a resignation letter and give it to your employer.

Here are things that you should keep in mind when drafting your resignation letter.


Type and hand deliver it.

In some cases it may be okay to e-mail your resignation letter, but you should always at least attempt to hand deliver it if you can. It shows extra effort and that you are confident with the decision that you are making.


What you should include in your resignation letter.

Leave out any negative tones. You should always try to be positive in your resignation letter, and try to thank the employer for the time you had working there. It is best to do this because you never know when you may need to use them as a reference or if a negative resignation letter may come to bite you in the butt in your future.

Say that you are leaving and when your last day is. This should be obvious. You need to state that you are leaving and date the exact day of your final day working. Depending on the position you have or the industry that you work in, you should always try to give notice. The day that you turn in your resignation letter should not be the final day that you expect to work, unless you are leaving on bad terms anyways.

Sometimes you can give a reason for why you are leaving, but you should try to keep it positive. If you are leaving for family reasons or because you have to relocate, then usually you can state those reasons in a resignation letter. However, if your reason is because you hate your boss, it is probably best to leave that off of your resignation letter.


Here is a sample resignation letter:


Your Address
Your Cell Phone Number
Your Email Address (personal, not work email address)

The Date

Dear Name:

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position at Blank Company as a Salesperson, effective June 1, 2014. It has been a great learning experience working for you and this company.

This resignation letter is my notice, and I can stay for up to one month or until you find a replacement. I am also available to help train my replacement.

If I can be any help during this time, let me know.


Your Name

Your Title


Have you ever written a resignation letter?


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