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Starting A Business While In College

Starting A Business While In College

Starting A Business While In CollegeThere are many positives of starting a business while you are in college. I started my business while I was in graduate school, but I remember the students who started a business while they were in undergraduate school, and I was always jealous of their determination.

Or, what about kids who start a business while they are in high school or middle school? That takes a lot of determination, motivation and work right there to do that successfully.

Your business might turn into a full-time business, or it may look great on your resume if you decide to look for a job somewhere else. Employers love real world experience, and most employers would love to hire someone who has real world experience and is a go-getter.

Your business may lead to you earning a profit. Who doesn’t want to earn a profit when they are pouring their heart and soul into a business of theirs? You may be able to live off of the income, pay off your tuition, and more.

Starting a business while you are in college is a great idea.

Have an idea.

If you want to start a business while you are in college, you will need to have some sort of an idea of what you should do. There are plenty of options out there. Are you looking for something just to last you until you find a job where you can use your college degree? Or are you looking for something to last years and decades?

Look for a mentor.

You are currently in college, so there may be possible networking events that you can attend and possibly find a mentor. A mentor will help you improve your business idea and help you get on your feet.

Take classes or join a club.

You can learn while you are in college, and apply techniques that you have learned to your business. This way everything is fresh in your mind. I remember when I was in college, we had many clubs where you would pretend you ran a business, or you would even create and run one and see where it went. It was always a great experience!

Did you start a business while you were in college? Why or why not?


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