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Fall Expenses That May Pop Up In Your Budget

Fall Expenses That May Pop Up In Your BudgetThe fall months are my favorite. The weather is great, everything is changing colors outside, and more. Even though I do love these months, there are always some expenses that seem to pop up, just like with any other season.


Halloween and Thanksgiving are both in the fall, and they each have their own expenses that can add up quickly. Candy, costumes, travel, Thanksgiving meals, and more. You may even be buying your Christmas presents early so technically that counts as fall spending as well.

Fall cleanup.

We have several absolutely huge trees in both our front and back yards, and the leaves never seem to stop coming down. We have a leaf blower now, but in the past we have paid our lawn person to clean up the leaves as well.

Other tasks related to fall cleanup might include collecting any branches, cleaning out gutters, and more.


It’s been getting cold here very quickly. I also keep hearing everywhere that this winter is supposed to be extremely cold, so that means our furnace will be pumping out some hot air soon most likely.

While I am enjoying the windows being open right now, eventually the windows will have to close and the heat will have to come on. It’s about being comfortable in your house, and also not letting your pipes freeze because you haven’t turned on your heat.


With fall also comes school. Many people everywhere are either starting school themselves, their significant other might be starting school, or their children might be starting school.

This may mean that tuition bills might be due, fundraising may begin, school sports may need their uniforms or other things paid for and so on. Schooling can add up quickly and there are just so many expenses that go along with it.

What other expenses tend to pop up in the fall months?


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