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Blog Roundup and Link Love

Blog Roundup and Link Love

This past week was another great one. I am working on getting more active in the blogosphere, but it’s been slow coming. What do you do to get more motivation for blogging? How many posts being published each week is considered normal?

Here are some of my recent posts:


And now it’s time for link love! Here are some of my favorite recent posts. There were a lot of awesome posts that went live recently!


What were your favorite articles of the week?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • Thanks for mentioning my post!! I hear you on blog fatigue. I did it for about two months and thought about throwing in the towel. Then I got my blog reader system figured out and I started commenting on lots of blogs and the community I developed with those bloggers changed blogging completely for me.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for the mention! I just had a look at your about page and your dog is adorable! As for blogging, 3 posts seems to be the norm for many personal finance blogs, but I think 2 can work as well. You have to build momentum and get to a place that you’re happy with. What works for others might not work for you or your audience.

    Like Shannon, I’ve found that commenting has been the biggest payoff, and it’s a win-win as I love interacting with other bloggers, and having them come back to my site. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you don’t have lots of visitors, but it takes time to gain speed on that front! If it’s one thing I’ve learned, though, it’s that you can’t publish posts and expect people to come and find them. You have to get the word out. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for mentioning my article! My opinion is that motivation for blogging is the same as motivation for anything else. I have to believe what I do is important, and believe that I am doing it well. I might be the only one that believes those 2 things about my site, but it keeps me going.

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