Different Types Of Insurance That You May Need

Different Types Of Insurance That You May NeedDo you think you are well covered when it comes to insurance? There are so many different types of insurance out there, and I’m sure there might be at least a few below that you haven’t thought of or that you do not have.

Below are different types of insurance that you may need to think about depending on your situation.

Car insurance

People are more likely to carry car insurance than health insurance or life insurance, which is something that is both funny and scary.  Car insurance is a requirement if you want to own and operate a car.

Home insurance

Home insurance can cover many things, such as if something happens at your home (maybe a crazy storm takes the roof off your home?), or if someone gets injured on your property. Home insurance usually doesn’t cover things that routine maintenance could have solved though, such as if you had a leak in your basement and you let it leak for years. Also, it’s important you understand and shop around your home insurance premiums before signing on the dotted line.

Flood insurance

Many people do not realize that most home insurance policies actually do not cover flood insurance. If you live in an area where flooding may occur, then it is usually a good idea to buy a separate insurance policy for possible flooding.

Life or disability insurance

Life insurance can help cover you if something bad were you happen to you. You can then have those around you relax and not think so much about money.

Health insurance

Health insurance is something that everyone should have, but sadly do not. You never know when something medical could arise, even if you believe that you are extremely healthy.

Wedding insurance

There are many instances where wedding insurance may come into play. A wedding is usually a very large expense, and there are many things that can go wrong.

Your venue company may go out of business a month beforehand, and you may have to pay for another venue. Something may happen to your wedding dress, the caterer and so on. Wedding insurance can help you ease your mind in case anything goes wrong.

Travel insurance

Have you ever paid a large amount of money for a vacation only for something bad to happen? Maybe your flight was cancelled so you had to pay for a hotel at the last minute, or maybe you got sick all of a sudden and needed to cancel a trip. There is where travel insurance can come in. Sometimes credit card companies offer travel insurance on their credit cards, so you don’t always have to pay extra for this type of insurance.

Do you have any of the different types of insurance above?


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