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How to get Results Marketing Gym Memberships

How to get Results Marketing Gym Memberships

Have you recently opened a gym? Do you need to increase your membership as quickly as possible? Then you need to include a solid marketing plan that brings results.

It’s easy to open your doors and get those first few clients signing up. Keeping them coming back is the issue that will determine whether or not your gym is a success. Marketing is the single most important business activity of any gym and the area that demands the majority of your focus in your start-up months.

The lifeblood of your gym’s survival depends on executing strategies and tactics that bring you more leads and clients. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Pick what works for your gym and then create your own ideas to bring in new business.

How to Create a Strategy for Marketing Gym Memberships

Marketing gym memberships require you to develop a strategy that drives inbound and outbound client prospecting.

Prospecting to your average walk-in client is important. You need strategies in place on how to handle them and convert them into signing a membership. Training your staff to execute a good quality sales pitch and how to close it is vital.

For other business outside of the gym, you need to turn to an inbound marketing strategy that drives more leads to your business. An outbound strategy to marketing gym memberships will use the power of the internet to put your gym in front of new prospects and bring in new leads fast.

Inbound marketing is far more effective than traditional cold calling and is something to investigate for any gym owner that is serious about marketing gym memberships.

Strategy Tips for Marketing Gym Memberships

  • Design an effective walk-in pitch
  • Train your staff to handle the phone
  • Send your salespeople on a sales training course and teach them how to close
  • Research inbound marketing strategies to leverage leads from the internet.
  • Use social media networks to advertise your gym.
  • Hire a social media and inbound marketing manager.
  • Execute your strategy and track results.
  • Focus your efforts on areas that bring the best results and discard the rest.

Managing the Numbers

Managing the numbers is a crucial part of marketing gym memberships. You need to convey the importance of meeting targets to your salespeople. Clearly, establish daily goals and objectives and help those that struggle with their marketing.

By building a team of talented salespeople to handle both your inbound and on-site marketing, you will increase your conversion rates. Hire a manager to handle your sales team as you expand and hold them accountable to achieving the membership numbers you need.

By tracking the numbers, you have a framework that shows you the health of your business and the potential for the future.

In Conclusion

Marketing gym memberships can be a challenge that is easily overcome with the right people, strategy, and tactics. Orchestrating their abilities and actions will determine your success. Stay focused on your goals and remember to keep your eye on the numbers.

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