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5 Ways To Have A Successful Phone Interview

5 Ways To Have A Successful Phone Interview

5 Ways To Have A Successful Phone InterviewDo you take phone interviews as seriously as you should? Many job hunters don’t, and I understand why it can be easy to not take them as seriously as an in-person interview. However, you should take them just as seriously, because they are your first step towards that position!

You always want to be as prepared as you possibly can be, because you never know who else is trying to get that same position as you, and you don’t know how hard they’ve been preparing.

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1. Make sure you have a strong signal.

Whatever you do, please make sure that you have a VERY strong signal when it is time for your phone interview. You probably don’t want to be in your basement, a room where you know you never receive reception, and so on. If you are cutting out and your interviewer can’t understand a single word that you are saying, then it may cost you the job.

2. Have your resume in front of you.

You should always try to have your resume in front of you when on a phone interview. Also, try to have it in paper form instead of on your computer/laptop because the sound of clicking in the background may annoy the person interviewing you.

Usually on phone interviews, the interviewer will ask you questions about your resume, so you should know exactly what is on it!

3. Are there any distractions?

If you are at home, then it can be easily distracted. You may have children near you, dogs barking, and so on. No matter what you do, please try to eliminate any distractions. You may have to find a babysitter, put dogs in a different room, put yourself in a different room and so on. Also, don’t forget to turn off the TV and the radio!

It should be quiet so that you can hear the interviewer and so that they can hear you.

4. Talk like you’re happy.

I know, interviews don’t exactly scream “Oh my I’m having so much fun!” However, you should always sound happy and have a smile on your face when you are talking. If you smile while you talk, you will sound more happy and pleasant usually than someone who does not.

Try it and then you will see!

5. Dress the part.

If you are going on a phone interview, it can be extremely easy just to have the interview in your pajamas. I mean, no one can even see you right? So, who cares?

Wrong! Even though it’s easier to keep your casual clothes on, putting on professional interview clothing can usually make you sound more prepared and professional as well. Whenever I’m in pajamas, I almost always feel more casual, so I can see how that would apply to phone interviews as well.

What phone interview tips do you have?


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