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What You Can Cut Out Of Your Budget Part 2

Yesterday, I published What You Can Cut Out Of Your Budget Part 1. Today, you will learn a few other ways that you can save some extra money. Are you looking to save some extra cash and cut items out of your budget? Maybe you need to save some extra money so that you can afford a certain vacation.

Maybe you need to cut things out of your budget so that you can pay off debt. Whatever your reasons is, I’m sure there is at least one thing that you could cut out of your budget right now in order to save some money.

Here is my list of what you can most likely cut out of your budget.

What You Can Cut Out Of Your Budget Part 2Cable or Satellite Television

Many people have cable/satellite (in this post, I will use those two words interchangeably). I even heard the other day about a person who used to pay $250 a MONTH on their cable bill. I thought I paid a lot. $250 is just insane and I could never even imagine paying that much.

Try to cut your cable bill if you can. You could cut it out completely, or you could even just trim your package down so that you are paying less each month.



Now, I am not saying that you should eliminate your insurance out of your budget. I absolutely think that you should keep it. However, many people overpay when it comes to insurance. If you are one of those people who are, then please continue reading! There are two main ways that you could be overpaying when it comes to insurance.

For one, you may be too insured. You are probably wondering how you could be too insured. An example would be if you had a cat worth $500, but your deductible is $100. There is probably no need for your deductible to be that low, because you are probably making up for that low deductible by paying an outrageous monthly or annual premium.

The second way that you may be overpaying on your insurance is by not looking for discounts. There are so many discounts out there, and you should always make sure that you are getting all of them. Possible insurance discounts include:

  • Good driving. If you drive well, then you are probably paying less.
  • Taking a driving course. Many times, if you take a driving course then you are given a discount.
  • Company discount. Certain companies are given discounts, even if they have nothing to do with cars. You may work for a large cell phone company and are given a discount. It happens all the time.
  • Good grades. Good grades can often mean a discount. See if you qualify!
  • Multi-line. If you have a house, boat, motorcycle or even just other cars, then you may qualify for a discount.


What are you going to eliminate from your budget today?


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