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Weekly Roundup #1

Favorite Posts of the Week:

JT at MoneyMamba discusses his favorite metric to evaluate a business – CROIC

Justin at Money Is The Root wrote about why Education is the Key to Success. I completely a agree and am a big proponent of graduate degrees.

Andrea at So Over Debt wrote a post about Getting Out of Debt is Like Using a Public Restroom. This is a great analogy and you should check out the post!

Congratulations to Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks for reaching 5 years blogging!

LaTisha at Financial Success for Young Adults wrote a post about The Best Time to Start Paying off Debts: Now.

My Posts This Week:

Welcome To My Blog

January 2012 Personal Balance Sheet

Gen Y Finances Joined the Yakezie Challenge

Building a Grow Light Stand

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