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Tips To Sell a Property in Mumbai

Tips To Sell a Property in Mumbai


All the sellers want their property to be sold in least possible time frame and fetch them the most beneficial price, heedful planning and studying things professionally can help sellers to prepare their home for best price. Following are the points to be considered while selling your property in mumbai

Enhancing the Curb enamor

To begin with, nothing is more crucial than the first impression. After you’ve been in a home for a period of time, it can be hard to see it objectively. So take suggestions from a real estate agents, friends, or potential purchasers about how to exhibit it better. Study your house from outside and ask yourself, is your property welcoming? Can you read your door number? Does it require a repaint? Have you never observed your output lighting fixture before? Entrance is the focal point of the residence, clear up your front yard and drive way by getting rid of bushes, thorny plants and beetling branches. Curb enamor is what absorbs the attention of the buyers, helps to hold their interest, and makes your property stand out from the competition.


The next significant step is to do reality check on the pricing of the property. Many times, sellers attempt to sell property without real estate agents, because they think it will save money in long term. It is always better to consult a real estate agent because they can evaluate your property according to the current market standards. You can also log on to different online portals to compare the property with the similar ones in the same locality and with almost the same kind of amenities. Over pricing can be a bad strategy. While, the correct price will help you to sell your property quicker, get an authentic buyer and not much fuss and conflicts involved.


Make a list of the specialties of your property and put together an ad which will target people who are seeking such special features. If your property is close to various commercial areas and office sector you may quote “office a mile away” or “Shopaholics paradise”. This will capture even more attention. Word of mouth marketing is also an apt way to spread the news about your sale; it can be done through your neighbors, friends and office colleagues etc. List the property for free in the online real-estate portals like common floor; 99 acres etc. while registering on online portals you would require good images of your property to attract the buyer. Consider hiring a professional photographer or ask a friend who does photography and has a DSLR, this will ensure that you will get captivating pictures that will draw the attention of any potential buyer.

Clean UP & Making Small Repairs

It is very important to start scrutinizing each and every corner of your house by disassociating yourself from your property. Rearrange your closet, kitchen console, store rooms and make your house twinkle. Do the minor repairs if compulsory for like cracked flooring, broken marble or stiff doors. Remove all the burnt out bulbs, tubes and stopped clocks.


After you improve your curb enamor and make essential upgrades and repairs, it’s time to Show. The best way to get your home ready to show potential buyers is to depersonalize it  by removing family photos, quirky art and collectibles, and vivacious paint colors. Your goal is to create a comforting space that allows buyers to dream of their own family and way of life in the home–not yours. Make your home like a spotless, welcoming, empty canvas that any buyer can visually paint their own dreams.

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