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Taking A Staycation

Taking A Staycation

Taking A StaycationWhen many people think about taking a vacation or time off from work, they usually think about trying to leave the city, state, or country where they live and escaping to somewhere new. However, have you ever thought about taking a staycation? It may be exactly what you are looking for.

Below is everything you need to know about a staycation:

You can save a lot of money.

A “normal” vacation can be very expensive. You can easily find yourself spending at least a few thousand dollars to fly somewhere and enjoy a new town/state/country.

With a staycation, you can usually stay a lot more money then if you were to travel somewhere. Two of the biggest reasons for this is because you can save a lot of transportation costs (you won’t need to take a long road trip or hop on a plane), and you also won’t need to pay for a hotel stay.

Some do decide to stay in a hotel though. For me, I like the comfort of staying in my own home though.

It will give you the opportunity to lose that stress.

Sometimes you just need a break from your job. No matter how badly you need to work, or how badly they need you at work, even just a one day vacation can save you if you haven’t had a day off in forever.

I had a job in college in which I worked at for nearly half a decade and I never once received a vacation day. It was no fun at all, and to top it off I had horrible hours. If I could have just had one day off I think that would have changed my whole attitude around about my job and it would have made me more motivated to work.

Sleep in.

With a staycation, try to sleep in! Turn off your alarm. Enjoy your bed, and get some rest. I know there are some people out there who say that they don’t like to rest while they are on vacation, but I just don’t know how that can be true! I enjoy my sleep and I could probably sleep all the time 🙂

Learn more about your city.

With a staycation, one thing that you could do is try to learn more about your city. You could take a long bike ride, go to the zoo, see a play, try out a new restaurant, and more. I’m sure there is something that you haven’t tried in your town.

Have you ever taken a staycation? Why or why not?


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