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Saving Money When Food Shopping

Saving Money When Food ShoppingGroceries can be expensive. They are usually one of the biggest line items in our budget each month, and we are always looking for ways to decrease our food spending.

I know of people who can manage to spend $200 a month feeding their whole family delicious meals all month, and then I also know families that spend $1,500 a month on food for their family.

I’m always looking to be on the lower end of food spending. I mean, who doesn’t? Here are my grocery spending tips so that you can start lowering your food budget:

Have a meal plan.

If you’ve never had a meal plan before, then you should try it. What you do is you decide on your meals for the next week or the next month (or whatever suits your fancy), and you list out all of the items that you need. This way you have less waste because you know exactly what you need to buy.

Shop with a grocery list.

This goes with the tip above. You should always try to shop with a grocery list. If you just walk into a grocery store not knowing what you need, then you may find yourself buying a bunch of items that you do not actually need.

Cook from scratch.

You might think that you are not a good enough cook to cook meals from scratch, but don’t fear! You are probably just fine cooking things from scratch, and you can usually save more money and eat healthier by not buying a bunch of processed foods. Knowing what you’re cooking may also help you become healthier – such as if you are wondering what is cholesterol.

Freeze fruits and vegetables.

Do you find that your food goes to waste even when you have a meal plan and you shop with a grocery list? What you might think about starting to do is freezing items. You can chop up your items, store them in a container and put them in your freezer. Then, when you need the food item, all you have to do is grab them from your freezer and let it thaw out.

Sometimes what I even do is I freeze items that I know I will need for certain meals. For example, I like to make nachos a lot. So, I will freeze batches of corn, onions, peppers, and so on in a container and all I need to do is thaw it out and throw it on the stove. I easily can make a quick meal this way.

How much do you spend on food each month?

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