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Don’t Fall For These Common Tricks When Buying a Car

Don’t Fall For These Common Tricks When Buying a Car

Don't Fall For These Common Tricks When Buying a CarIf you are looking to buy a new car or a new-to-you car, then do not fear. So many people get extremely intimidated by the whole process when they really do not need to be.

Relax and I will help you out with the process. Today, we will be discussing the different tricks that might be used on you to get you to buy a car.

However, whatever you do, always be kind to your salesman or saleswoman. If you go in yelling that they are just trying to scam you, then they won’t try to get you a deal. There are many sales people out there who are on YOUR side, so treat them like how you want to be treated 🙂 If you are nice to them, then they will most likely go out of their way to help you out because repeat customers are important in this business.

Search for car financing on your own first.

If you are buying a car through financing it, then you should always try to find financing through a bank first. Usually their rates are lower, and you may even get the dealership to try to beat their rate which is, of course, great for you.

If you wait until you are at the dealership, you would be surprised by how many people just take the dealership’s financing instead of pricing around just because they want the car ASAP.

Don’t bring up monthly payments right away.

So many people fall for the monthly payments trap. This is where you go in and say “I want a car with monthly payments of $300.” This can be a disaster because you are not specifying the interest rate you want, what type of car you want, how long the length of the loan will be and more. A $300 a month car for 12 months is DEFINITELY not the same as a $300 a month car for 84 months.

If you focus too much on the monthly payment, then you will think you are getting a deal when really you are not. You need to set yourself an actual overall number as a budget.

Don’t take the car home unless you know you want to buy it.

Something that many car salespeople do is let you take the car home overnight. This way you get to really like to car, and the next day you will buy it. This is also why they tell you to go out to lunch in it or grab dinner.

What common tricks have you seen?


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