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4 Strategies That Will Earn You a Promotion

4 Strategies That Will Earn You a Promotion


Life is all about being promoted. Whether in your personal life or your professional life, you constantly aim at promotion. Being promoted in your professional life is not easy but also not impossible with hard work, dedication and patience by your side. Promotion not only brings a higher pay for you but also brings with the 3R’s: Respect, Recognition and Responsibilities. For many these 3R’s mean the ultimate goal in life. Here are the 4 strategies you should definitely consider to earn promotion.

1.Be in good books of your boss

This does not mean to go out of the way to please him but simply handling your respective responsibilities and tasks in an organized manner. Proving regular updates, occasionally checking in about your performance, meeting deadlines, asking logical questions are a few ways which can help you be in the good books. Remember your boss is always the first point of contact for your promotion and might always be the first one to recommend you for promotion.

2.Be ready to learn

Technology is dynamic in nature. With ever changing trends and fashion, companies try to adapt new technologies and expect the employees to adapt them too. You should not be rigid to follow your old habits or method but be flexible to learn new skills and technology. There is no right age to stop learning or being trained for a certain skill. If you are ready to learn and develop new skills, be ready for your promotion.

3.Pick a mentor

I have always believed, one should always have a mentor in all facets of life. A mentor at work can help you go long way. A senior person of your team or any other department with whom you feel comfortable can be a good support system. The right mentor will always guide you and help you grow as an individual and as a professional and will always act as a good reference.

4.Build your network

Many of you might be introverts. But that should not stop you from building your network. By this I do not mean to say go to every party and start exchanging business cards. But it simply means be ready to talk to right people at right occasions. You never know who, when and where things can turn in your favor. The more people know you the better it is for you.

These strategies are not an exhaustive list for you to follow but many other qualities like: team work, being responsible, professionalism, working with passion, being open can also help you in long run. At the end of the day, all you need to make sure is you work hard and you are on the right success track. As someone once said; “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

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