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Yakezie Update #1

Yakezie Update #1

If you’re not familiar with the Yakezie challenge, it is a challenge to get your blog into the top 200,000 in the Alexa rankings in 6 months. Additionally, Yakezie is about supporting other bloggers and selflessly promoting them.

Gen Y Finances joined the Yakezie challenge on February 23, 2012. It’s been just under a month, and Gen Y Finances has made a lot of progress! My initial Alexa ranking was 18,056,327 when I joined the challenge. As of today, my Alexa ranking is 731,538! I am very happy with the progress that I am making! I give all of the credit to Yakezie and the amazing bloggers that are part of that network. I hope to keep making progress on my Alexa ranking and obtain an Alexa ranking under 200,000 by August 23, 2012.

I have been pretty good about commenting on other blogs and that has contributed to an increase in traffic at Gen Y Finances. I hope to maintain this going forward. Also, I have been good about not posting TOO much. With my first blog, I got burnt out from trying to post way too much. I am trying to avoid that this time.

My biggest overall disappointment with Gen Y Finances right now is not getting any search traffic from Google. I have started to get some search traffic, but it is from Bing and Yahoo (Seriously, Bing and Yahoo??) I’m not exactly sure why, but I need to start posting some better content with specific keywords targeted!

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    • Yeah, I know it will take awhile. I was just a little shocked that I was getting some traffic from bing and yahoo and not google.

  • That’s great progress – keep up the hard work!!

    That is annoying that you aren’t getting much Google organic traffic. You’ll get there though. I think it took me at least 1-1.5 months before I started to see anything pop up.

    Are you doing the carnivals? If not, I’d recommend it…

    • I have done some carnivals, but work has taken over my life for the last 2 weeks. I hope to be able to put some more time in the blog in the coming weeks!

      • Not sure what your budget looks like, but Corey at 20s Finances charges $20/month to post all of your carnivals.

        They’re easy to do on your own, but when you’re strapped for time it certainly is a cheap way to outsource some stuff.

  • You are making great progress. Interesting that there is no search traffic from Google. I am getting search traffic, but though my blog has been around since 2010, I have no PR. My Alexa ranking is 155,508, but no 0/10 for PR.

  • You’ve been doing a very good job in my opinion. The first few weeks and months (at least from my point of view) you really have to be patient, as the traffic is low and sporadic. Good work with commenting in other blogs, and generally building awareness. How did you get burned out the first time around? Was it just too much posting or was it other aspects also?

  • I got love on my site from Bing and Yahoo initially as well before Google discovered us. I was happy for the love. We’ve gone solidly for almost six months now and I’m starting to finally get some traffic from search engines that matter. I wouldn’t worry about it. Yesterday I had 42 different pages read on my site. The point: I needed to have lots of stuff for people to read before the flow really began.

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