Why WordPress is the Best Content Management System Available

One of the most popular Content Management System that we have today, WordPress is used by over 70 million websites that are post any sort of content, no matter the size or number of words associated with the blog. But, how powerful is this content management system? Here is an article giving you enough reasons to make you switch to WordPress immediately. Read along to find out more:

  • The first attractive aspect of WordPress is that it is absolutely free of cost. From startup companies to teenager bloggers, all can use WordPress since it is 100 percent free and there aren’t any charges you’ll have to pay after the trial period. It is free and it is also an open source, so it gives you n opportunity to alter the software (source code) according to your needs and specifications.
  • You don’t have to go through lengthy installation and configuration processes, after which the computer has to be restarted. All WordPress features can be used immediately after its installation.
  • There are so many features WordPress offers – you can d any kind of work on WordPress, may it writing a personal blog or operating an e-commerce website, WordPress is equipped to provide with versatile features like revisions, comments, RSS feeds, etc.
  • WordPress takes extra concern when it comes to security of the content and work of its users. It constant updates its software, automatically in fact. There is an in-built updater that notify about updates and even update it. So, every time you use WordPress , you are using the latest features.
  • There are about a thousand options WordPress provides when it comes to plugins and themes, so you can easily customize your website according to how you want your content to look like to the viewers.
  • After the magical “5-minute installation” process of WordPress, it is almost the most the easiest to operate. This platform is user friendly and you don’t have to hire professionals to understand its operation.
  • There are specific WordPress forums that are there that can help you with any problems whatsoever.
  • WordPress also allows you to insert multimedia files (images, video files and audio files) into a post and can be easily edited in the Media Library Screen.
  • WordPress may not only be used on computers and laptops, it can also be accessed from mobile phones and tablets.
  • WordPress can be used to create web-pages as well, since there is the basic word-image structure, so you can even use it to create static web-pages, probably your Contact Us or About Us pages.

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