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Winter Fitness Tips On A Budget

Winter Fitness Tips On A BudgetIf you are spending money on a gym membership during the winter time, you do not have to!

So many people make this mistake and think that their only option for working out in the winter time is to work out at a gym that they have to pay for.

Here are my tips to get a good workout in while on a budget.

Borrow a workout DVD from the library.

You can work out for cheap in your own home. You might already have your own workout DVDs, or you can borrow one from the library for free. These are a great way to workout, such as through P90X or T25. Both are insane and will get you sweaty and tired. That’s all you need, right?! 🙂

Bundle up and head outside.

Even though it may be cold where you live, you may still be able to go outside. In fact, it was below 10 degrees where I live recently and there seemed to be hoards of people still running around in my neighborhood outside.

So, yes, it is possible. Just make sure that the sidewalks aren’t too slick.

I even know someone who still rides their bike to work even if there is snow on the ground and it is 0 degrees. Do not let that stop you! If they can do it, so can everyone else.

Stop, drop, and get a quick workout in.

What I enjoy doing is squeezing small workouts in throughout my day.

For example, if I am waiting for something to cook on the stove or I am making a dinner, I will take little breaks where nothing is happening but I still need to be in the kitchen to stir something and workout. I might do some push ups, do 50 squats, some lunges, or something else along those lines. It is a great way to efficiently use little breaks throughout your day.

I also do this when I am getting ready. This will probably make me sound ridiculous and it’s probably a funny image to picture. Whenever I am curling my hair, I will do squats while the curling iron is in my hand (don’t worry, I’ve never burned myself) and I am curling my hair. I hate just standing there for 30 minutes to an hour, so it is good way to pass the time.

What do you do in the winter months to stay in shape?


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