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Why You Should Write Everyday

Why You Should Write Everyday

Writing isn’t only meant for writers and poets, or people who have a good command over the language. Everyone has thoughts, questions, ideas, which need to be penned down. We often mistake writing as a difficult exercise, but what is difficult is starting to write. We’ve all had those New Year resolutions about maintaining a diary. But we end up leaving it blank.
How are real writers different from the others? The difference lies in their stubbornness to write every day. It becomes their habit. Writing is not a gift, it is self regulated habit.
We need to consider writing as a serious exercise to declutter the mind and focus on things that actually matter.

Good writings skills make you more credible and reliable in your workplace. Apart from the fact that good writing skills help you to communicate properly and clearly, writing helps you to make sense of your thoughts. People tend to express more when they write. Even if it’s not about your feelings, you learn to have an opinion about things and access your surroundings.
Once you start writing about your thoughts and feelings, you would want to write something the next day as well. It helps you to grow as a person.
Writing gives us an opportunity to look deeper into our minds. It will help free the mind and get your ideas flowing for the rest of the day.
The other reason why writing is important for every individual is that it improves your English. Grammar, new words, punctuation. You start to develop a tool belt of words and phrases which you can use not only on paper, but orally as well.
How does one begin to write?
Start a notebook or diary. Write about things you like. Your opinions on some issue concerning the country, maybe a good-day account, a poem, or a past memory.
Set a time and keep a reasonable duration. 30 minutes or an hour is ideal for a beginner. Make sure you stick to the given time and not make excuses. Even if you don’t have a topic to write about, commit to the time and don’t get up from the chair until you write something. WRITE ANYTHING. Even if it’s is your stupidest fantasy!

Keep a word limit as well. You can also list down your writing entries in the form of a list or spreadsheet file, with date and the topic of the item. If you want to pick up a habit, then you should be able to measure it and keep a track of your change in behavior.

Find a motivation. Sit in a beautiful park or under a sky full of stars. Find a café or a library. Find a place which prompts you to write.

Commitment and practice are the two necessities for this to become a habit.

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