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Why You Should Work When You Are In School

Why You Should Work When You Are In SchoolWorking while you are in college can be a really great thing.

Whether you work a part-time job of only 10 hours, or if you can manage a full-time job while attending school, there are many positives that will make doing both at the same time well worth it.

I will say that if you try holding a job but you come to figure out that you cannot seem to manage both, then you need to figure out another way to afford your expenses while also keeping your grades up.

Here is why you should work when you are in school.

A job will give you extra spending money.

This is a no-brainer, but working will of course increase your cash flow. College can be expensive, and instead of living off of your parents or student loans you can provide for yourself.

Getting a job on the side most likely won’t make you rich, but it might bring you a few hundred each month or possibly even a few thousand (depending on how often you work and what you do).

It will allow you to pay some of your school expenses.

College is expensive, and if you work while going to school then you may be able to pay off some of your college costs. Just an extra few hundred each month towards your tuition will make a significant difference in your student loan amount.

A job will give you great experience.

Working while you are in school will most likely put you ahead of your competition when you start applying for jobs. Almost all employers want real life experience, and if you’ve been attending school this whole time but have never had a job, then this may not look the greatest. If you can, try getting a job that is related to your chosen major as well.

If you can hold a job and still get good grades while in college, it will look great on your resume. It can also help with networking because you never know if that college job will lead to a position after you graduate.

Did you work when you were in college? Why or why not?


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