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Why Should You Read the Newspaper?

Why Should You Read the Newspaper?

You may be sitting in your homes, comfortably sipping in the morning coffee, while the newspaper lies on the centre table untouched. ‘Why do I care about what happens in Syria or who the president of USA is going to be?’ you tell yourself. Why do you care? I can’t do anything about it anyway. Why is it necessary for you to know about the events all over the world? Why do they say that as a responsible human being, you should be aware about what is happening in your locality, your city, your country, and in the world? Maybe right now you feel these big events aren’t affecting your small lives directly. But what is happening in some other place may happen to you someday. What if there is a terrible flood in your area, and you are out supplies. Wouldn’t you wish people somehow knew about your condition and helped you out? There are all these other reasons for reading the newspaper, vocabulary, competitive exams, hobby, but the most important reason is humanity. Read the newspaper to celebrate a new space-shuttle launch to the Mars, to mourn over a death of some famous leader, to feel sad about mishappenings in some poor country across the globe, to express your disappointment over a new government rule, to be a part of system. Because you will be able to bring about a change when you are informed, when you are a part of the global community simply through a series of papers, when you are able to form proper opinions, to learn about event outside of your own surroundings, to decide where you fall on key issues impacting your city, region and country.

Why read when you can watch the news on the television? Reading requires more of us than watching. When you are reading the newspaper, you have time to analyze the event, give some time for the writer to express his/her views, and then form opinions regarding the issue you’ve just read. You are in peace with your brain, as you can patiently have a discussion with yourself and even others. But when you are watching a news debate on the television, the channel doesn’t give you a chance to think since it attracts your whole attention, and there is little to a holistic view of the happenings. You also have an advantage since your conversational skills are on an improvement- your verbal skills are better, you are more fluent, more expressive and a faster reader. While TV is more global, a newspaper gives a more conclusive view about the things happening in your locality.

You need to read to know. So don’t let the newspaper on the table lie as it, go through the pages to connect to different places on this planet.

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