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The Whole is More Important than Just Your Portion

The Whole is More Important than Just Your Portion

Work on increasing the size of the pie, rather than just your slice.

Think of the amazing ham pie your mother cooks for Christmas every year. The ham pie is so delicious that everyone is greedy about grabbing a bigger portion of the pie. So if you by any means pick up a bigger portion of the pie (without giving much heat to the fact that if you pick up a bigger portion the other will automatically get a smaller portion), you are opening the house to fights and upsetting the whole Christmassy atmosphere. Would your mother ever do that?

When you are part of something big, you don’t usually get to enjoy the whole benefits alone. There is money in every business. So the profits are to be distributed proportionally among all shareholders and investors. In a business, it is impossible for one person to handle everything. So is it fair, as an employee or even as an employer, to be selfish?

Selfish businesses eventually fail. If you are the leader, you have to take care of each of your team-members or employees, you have to take care of your customers and you have to entertain the investors or other shareholders. Think big. Think clearly. Customer satisfaction and employee loyalty is achieved when you treat them with respect. Getting new customers and retaining them is a tough job- your consumer base won’t like your product if it lacks the quality you promised, or if the company is inhospitable. These days, the competition is very high, and new products replace the old ones within days; with such fast market dynamics, the only way to ensure monopoly is to establish quality and better customer links, by interacting with the customers, taking responsibility for any defect and not leaving the customer waiting. You don’t just sell a product and get done with it, it you want your business to sustain the market in the long run, you need to promote the right resources to your list.
The same goes for your employees; how do get your teammates to be loyal for you and your company? Giving more is the key for growing. By making your employees realize that they aren’t working for someone else, but this company is theirs’. Small appreciations, support and respect for their work is what wins their loyalty. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. Provide a productive environment and engage them with new and compelling tasks. No matter how good your business model is or products are, you still need a stellar team to design, build, improve, sell and service them.” You make the team, by giving them what they deserve. By encouraging them, respecting them and supporting them, both financially and socially.

Business is like a love story, so don’t be a selfish lover.

Help others. Helping them will only help you.

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