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What You Should Do After You Buy A New Home

What You Should Do After You Buy A New Home

What You Should Do After You Buy A New HomeYou have finally received the keys to your home. Buying a new home is usually stressful for most people. There are so many things that you have to go through before you finally get your home (the pre-approval process, shopping around for the home, making a contract, counter-offers, home inspections, and so on).

After going through all of this, you probably want to move in as soon as possible. However, there are things that you may want to think about doing before you rush into your new home.

Just delaying the move in by two days (if you can) may end up saving you a lot of time later on.

Below are tasks that you may want to tackle before you move in.

Clean the home and paint.

It is much easier to clean your new place when there is nothing in it. Your new place is usually not as clean as you would like it. It may be dusty, or the previous homeowners may have completely missed plenty of spots.

Also, try to paint before you move everything in as well. This way you don’t have to shuffle things around to paint, and you also don’t have to live with the smell of a newly painted home for a few days.

Get everything turned on.

Before you move in, you will want your water, electricity, gas, sewer, electricity and everything else turned on and in your name. Taking cold showers or having no power wouldn’t be any fun at all. You might as well just get it done before you move in!

Switch out the locks.

You should always switch out the locks to your new home. You never know who may have the keys to it. The people who used to live there (and anyone else before them) may have the keys, relatives or friends of the previous homeowner, previous roommates, and also contractors who may have worked on the home may have the keys as well.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Change the locks, it shouldn’t take that long anyways. Also, don’t forget to change any key codes too, such as for your garage.

Change your address.

Technically, you should do this around two weeks before you move out of your new place and into your new place. Change your address now so that you don’t have to worry about missing mail later.

Did you do any of the above after you bought a home?


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