I guess it is about time that I give an update why i haven’t been blogging. The last couple weeks have been crazy with me trying to get things done at work because I had elbow surgery this past week, and I am going to be out of work for the next week.

The surgery went really well and everything should be fixed now, but only time will tell. If your curious, I had two issues with my elbow. The first is called snapping triceps syndrome and the second is called ulnar nerve subluxation. Basically, my triceps and ulnar nerve were snapping over top of my elbow every time I bent my arm. It was extremely annoying and painful when trying to lift or do push ups.

I probably won’t be writing too many posts this week even though I have time now. The main reason I won’t be writing posts is that my arm is in a splint and I have to type with just my left hand. It is driving me crazy how slow I type using one hand!

Hopefully once I get this splint off, I will get back to my normal blogging routine!

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